Nokia Lumia 521 RM-917 T-Mobile GSM Unlocked Windows Smartphone - White

Love it. My first smart phone so it took me a little while to get comfortable with it. Pop'd in a FIDO card for 'pay as you go' service, Internet by "mooch-fi" (free WIFI by stores & vendors when I travel). Once I set the phone up it synched up to my HOTMAIL/OUTLOOK account and I was off and running. Bought a 32Gb sdCard for data storage. Phone comes with Windows Phone 8 OS not 8.1 - which is just fine by me. The phone OS updated itself by T-Mobile once I signed in to the internet and asked it to update. Found a free PDF book by Paul Thurrott on 'Windows Phone 8' which came in pretty handy about learning the Windows Phone Eco system. The downloadable PDF manual by Nokia is good as well. The purpose of my phone is to provide me with an emergency phone when I need it, and to have internet and e-mail access when I'm away from home. When I'm driving, I don't care to have that (except for the phone part - which is pay as you go) and you shouldn't really drive and play with the phone - your car insurance rates will benefit. I use the phone when I need it - on my time, not on other peoples' time - that's why they can leave a message. As such - I'm trying to make use of WIFI calling as well. While it is a T-Mobile branded phone, I have no issues using it in Canada. The "My Account" tile takes me to T-Mobile site and while I can use the HELP and HOW-TO sections, I do not have an account so it does not provide me with any stats on usage. However, the "Data Sense" feature and web access to my FIDO account give me what I need to know. The phone is not marked up by T-Mobile in any way, only when the phone boots up. The connectability between the phone and my OUTLOOK/HOTMAIL account is great. I can update or change the info with my computer and the phone will update it's information when it synchs up. Access to OneDrive is great. I did put a screen protector on it and purchased an "IZENGATE Executive Premium PU Leather Wallet Flip Case Cover Folio Stand" - highly recommend it. Bought another 2 cases because they were cheap and I wanted to try them out - but the IZENGATE one is the best for quality as well as durability. Camera is so-so - no flash. I'm starting to explore the functionality so I'm still learning. Still trying to figure out how to play videos. EDIT - Figured it out - Convert the video to a WMV file & copy it to the phone through your computer. What sucks is that trying to write your own programs for it looks like a major headache - not just a simple write & compile - you have to deal with Windows.NET and MS programming paradigms. Why can't I just write the code in Pascal/Delphi & run in a protected environment? DUH!! After I received the first one I bought a 2nd one for a family friend whose usage pattern is the same as mine. Summary - great price and good features for a phone. I maintain that I will never spend more than $100 for a phone. My 'Pay as you go' card costs me $100 for a year and I had $40 left over last year. With WIFI calling and e-mail, I should have more $$$ left over at the end of this year. Vendor was great - fast shipping, as advertised and no surprises. Highly recommended.

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Nokia Lumia 521 RM-917 T-Mobile GSM Unlocked Windows Smartphone - White

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Mobile Operating System: Windows Phone 8


SIM card type: Micro SIM


Main camera sensor: 5 MP

Powered by Windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 521 comes with exclusive digital lenses, a 1GHz dual core processor, and a touchscreen that even works with long finger nails or gloves.

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